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Glow Hydration-6 Pack<BR>Glass Bottle

Glow Hydration-6 Pack
Glass Bottle

$9.00 $18.00

Includes 6 Bottles of Glow Sparking Hydration - 12oz Glass Bottles

Glow Sparkling Hydration delivers the amazing benefits of water and is packed with essential vitamins, electrolytes and powerful antioxidants your body needs. This proprietary blend of nutrients acts as a hangover cure and aids in rapid recovery. No artificial colors, sweeteners or flavors.

- Great taste
- Only 5 calories
- Low carbs
- 0 sugars
- Unique Vitamin Formula
- Rehydrates vital organ functions
- Milk Thistle used to protect the liver
- Prickly Pear for fiber, vitamin C and antioxidants