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Glow Energy-6 Pack<BR>Glass Bottle

Glow Energy-6 Pack
Glass Bottle

$9.00 $18.00

Includes 6 Bottles of Glow Sparking Energy - 12 oz Glass

Glow Sparkling Energy offers all the same benefits that you’ll get from Glow Sparkling Hydration but with caffeine and vitamin B-12 for a quick energy boost. Vitamin B-12 is a natural energy source that keeps you going so you don’t experience a caffeine crash.

- All of the benefits of the hydration formula
- Added Caffeine
- Added Vitamin B-12
- Only 5 Calories
- Light, Refreshing taste
- 0 Sugar
- Low Carbs
- Milk Thistle used to protect the liver
- Prickly Pear for fiber, vitamin C and antioxidants